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Indira Varma [See Her Tonight on HUNTED]


Indira Varma on Hunted

(10 pm EST, Cinemax)

Hunted hasn’t been getting much attention as Cinemax’s latest original series–but that might just mean people haven’t caught on to Indira Varma being in the cast. Actually, Indira couldn’t do much for the ratings for 2010’s short-lived Human Target, either. She did a lot better that same year in the BBC’s Luther. We certainly appreciate the international allure of this ¬†exotic Englishwoman who’s been a real sex symbol ever since her film debut in 1996’s sexy Kama Sutra: The Art of Love.

Indira would later joke that Kama Sutra‘s success gave her a reputation as a porn star among Asian audiences. She’s actually stayed busy on both the big and small screens, and got lots of attention while stealing scenes in HBO’s Rome. Indira recovered from the Human Target by returning to the BBC for a recurring role in the legal drama Silk. Now she’s playing a hot master spy in Hunted, which also has ties to the BBC, so maybe Indira will keep staying busy as an international draw. Now let’s draw upon her past for a look back at her long career of being an international sex symbol…

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