Drinking It At Work: Green Flash West Coast IPA

Alright, I’m lying. I am not drinking a Green Flash West Coast IPA at work. I went across the street. They have it there on draft.

So now let’s be honest: IPA is one of the most overdone styles in America today. It was the most entered style in this year’s Great American Beer Festival (which happened just a couple weeks ago) with 203 entries. That’s a solid 75 more entries than the #2 entered category which was, not surprisingly, Imperial India Pale Ale.

With so many to choose from, you can’t always get your hands on the latest and greatest, but it sure helps to know what your old standbys are. For me, San Diego’s Green Flash Brewery‘s West Coast IPA has been one of my favorite since I first tried it. It’s big and bold (and strong), but it still has great hop character, a bitter backbone on top of which sit wonderfully piney hops with enough of a sticky citrus kick to keep you going back for another sip. As soon as you shove your nose in the pint glass, you know you’ve made a good choice.

Added bonus, Green Flash has steadily upped distribution to where now, yes, I can actually get one on draft across the street. If you happen to see one on draft across the street from you, I suggest giving it a try.

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