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Symba guests on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

(9 pm EST, The CW)

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia always has some unexpected moments. It’s still a really pleasant surprise to see Symba showing up tonight. She’s a veteran beauty who first broke into showbiz after winning a Star Search competition in the Spokesmodel category. That was way back in 1991. Symba soon became beloved as both a bikini model and a rising starlet, with  plenty of memorable small-screen roles. Symba picked up lots of young fans, for example, when she showed up on Blossom as a beauty queen. She also still has a cult following from a turn as a sexy alien on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Symba also beautified some big-screen epics during her early days as “Symba Smith”–including a memorable scene in 1997’s L.A. Confidential that made great use of Symba’s curvy retro bod. She’s only recently made the move to being billed as merely “Symba,” but she’s earned the singular monicker as a singular beauty packing lots of talent. It doesn’t even matter that Symba is becoming MILF material. She still seemed perfectly natural getting cast as a “Sexy Woman” on a 2006 episode of Dexter. Check out these pics (and a classic commercial) to enjoy the many moods of Symba, as she coasts through decades of being babelicious…   [image via]

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