‘United States’ Spelled Wrong On Ballot In County In Washington State

When it comes to Election Day, we all make mistakes. I once voted for Ralph Nader for President in two consecutive elections and thought I wasn’t throwing my vote away. But spelling “United States” wrong on a ballot is just egregious. They do realize that’s the country we are voting for president of, right?

And yet this is exactly what happened in Jefferson County in Washington state where people will be voting for the leader of the “Untied States” of America.

According to Peninsula Daily News (shrug), County Auditor Donna Eldridge who is in charge of the 22,596 ballots that went out with the typo said something to the effect of “the mistake will not cause confusion or affect the voting process.”

Sure, as long as Washington has a clear-cut winner in the presidential vote. Otherwise, I can think of about 22,596 ballots that might be called into question.

via BuzzFeed

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