Kara and Katelyn Pacitto [See Her Tonight on SUBURGATORY]

Kara and Katelyn Pacitto guest on Suburgatory

(9:30 pm EST, ABC)

Wow, “See Her Tonight” has never had twins before! That’s partly because the television networks have been neglectful in casting shows with hot pairs of identical siblings. Suburgatory is kind of mired in the ratings, though, so maybe that’s why we’re seeing more of Kara and Katelyn Pacitto on the show. Katelynn is the one who’s always been a little busier as an actress, with solo stints on Criminal Minds and the Disney series Good Luck Chuck. Kara has only shown up onscreen with her sis, but that’s always made for an exciting pairing.

Speaking of exciting, we’re very curious to see Kara and Katelynn in the upcoming bizarre crime drama Sunken City, where they’re billed as “Twin Catholic School Girls.” Sadly, their only real big-screen turn has been in the Adam Sandler comedy Jack and Jill. That wasn’t a particularly sexy role. Kara and Katelyn still can’t help being a hot pair, and these pics will prove why Suburgatory feels like Heaven whenever they’re on the scene…

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