Bank Robber Arrested After Returning To Scene Of The Crime Because He Didn’t Get The Full $20,000 He Asked For

According to, the man seen above, Arthur Bundrage, was arrested for robbing a bank when police arrived on the scene and found him standing outside the bank he had just robbed, trying to get back in.

The article says that according to police, “Bundrage entered the Alliance Bank…walked up to a teller and demanded $20,000 in cash…. As officers were responding, Bundrage discovered the teller had not given him the full $20,000 amount he had asked for. Officers found him standing at the front door attempting to get back in.”

Look, I don’t know how much this bank teller short-changed this robber, but unless he walked out of the bank with a satchel full of IOUs, I think it’s safe to say that your best bet is to walk away with whatever amount of free money you’ve gotten.

But I haven’t lived this guy’s life. Maybe anything less than $20,000 wouldn’t cut it. We’ve all been there. When your bookie says you owe 20K by Monday or he’s gonna break your knees, anything less that 20K ain’t gonna save your knees. In that scenario, sh*t, you might be better off in jail.

via Nothing To Do With Arbroath

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