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Yin Chang [See Her Tonight on GOSSIP GIRL]


Yin Chang returns to Gossip Girl

(9 pm EST, The CW)

Once again, The CW is gambling that people would rather be entertained than watching tonight’s Presidential Debates. The network also has the advantage of Yin Chang returning to Gossip Girl. She didn’t get to look too glamorous back when Yin started out as the perpetually pathetic (and really smart) Nelly Yuki.That was during the early seasons of Gossip Girl, when Nelly was tormented by the bitchy Blair–who is now a fashion designer having to deal with the return of Nelly as a confident and stylish Women’s Wear Daily reporter.

It’s great to see Yin getting to look good, although anyone who’s followed her career isn’t surprised to see Nelly’s transformation. Never mind that Yin bombed on the big screen with last year’s Prom. She recovered with a great turn as a thieving gal in the TV-movie The Bling Ring, and tonight’s turn should do even more to remind people that Yin is a real chameleon–with these pics showing off her most fetching form…

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