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Fan Runs On The Field And Right Through A Play During Miami Vs. Florida State Game [VIDEO]


I have nothing against streaking. Run on the field. What do I care. America is supposedly a “free” country, but then you hop out of your seat and start running around a stadium that was probably partially funded by our tax dollars, and suddenly everyone freaks out. Your seat is a prison. That’s where the man wants to you sit. How do you feel about the man?

And I like this kid’s moxie for running right through a play. Here’s how it went down for people watching the game on TV. That takes guts.

But know what takes even more guts? You’re on the field, grab a pass. Return it for a defensive touchdown. Or an offensive touchdown. I don’ t know who you’re rooting for.

What you can’t do is call yourself a “streaker” when you’re wearing a T-shirt and basketball shorts. Who are you? The fat kid in the pool?

via Barstool Sports

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