Dr. Dre & Beats Headphones Launch New Products At SoHo Store [RECAP, REVIEW]

Anytime Dr. Dre does anything, people pay attention. (I mean, we’ve only been waiting for his Detox album for the last 10 years now.) So when we were invited to a Beats By Dr. Dre launch event, we were excited. In a quick hour, we not only got to see the genius behind every product in their line, but announcements from Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine themselves about their three new products ready to take the audio market by storm.

Beats Executive

  • Deliver the legendary Beats sound now in a refined premium package
  •  Lightweight, comfortable to wear, and fold flat for easy packing
  •  Battery-powered noise cancellation to deliver your music without outside interruption
  • Price: $299.95

Beats Pill

  • Wireless and cord-free
  • Change the song from your phone, laptop, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Range: 30 feet
  • Price: $199.95


  • Not available yet on BeatsByDre.com
  • Price announced at $99.99
  • Re-designed and improved version of Beats Tour ear buds

After the big unveiling, we were told that the new “#ShowYourColors” campaign for the headphones will now go totally interactive. In addition to having real-time photo billboards in New York, Berlin, London and more major cities worldwide, you will be able to enter a contest to appear in your own Beats By Dr. Dre advertisement. By going to this site, taking a photo and making it your Facebook cover; you’ll be entered to get flown out to Los Angeles, wined and dined by Dr. Dre, and star in their next TV spot. We’re definitely going to try to #ShowOurColors and enter. Check out the first TV spot below:

[Buy the Beats Pill] [Buy the Beats Executive]

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