10 Of The Most Hardcore Train Simulator Dubstep Videos! [VIDEOS]

Talk to any kid on the street (literally, grab a kid by both shoulders and start screaming at him) and he’ll tell you that two things have never been as popular as they are right now: train simulator games and dubstep music!

Thankfully, some of the finest minds in video creation, editing and digital effects have combined these two trends into one amazing genre: train sim dubstep.

If you’re new to train sim dubstep, prepare yourself to be blown away by the pure intensity of the collection of videos below.

And if you are a seasoned train sim dubstep veteran — an expert in the genre — then prepare to be thinking, This f**king n00b doesn’t know sh*t about train sim dubstep.

Either way, I really enjoyed watching every single one of these cinematic masterpieces. If you don’t enjoy them, just keep watching. They grow on you. Like some sort of horrible fungus.

1) That Super Popular One

Man. That one speaks for itself.

2) That One With Zombies

No comment needed.

3) That Awesome F**k Da Police One

So hardcore I don’t even know what to say.

4) That One That’s a Total Fake Out

Ha. No comment necessary.

5) That $WAG One

Sh*t. Straight up left speechless.

6) That Smoke Weed Everyday One


7) That My Little Pony One

Well that one had to be done.

8) The Hardcore N00b

Totally says it all.

9) That One That’s 4 Minutes Way Too Long

Nothing can be said about this one.

10) That Gangsta One

What more can I say?

BONUS) Farm Sim Dubstep!

Lucky you!

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