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Hey Prime Minister Of Australia, Have A Nice Trip, See You Next Fall! [VIDEO]


It’s got to be tough being the Prime Minister of Australia. First of all, you’re the leader of a crazy giant island in the middle of nowhere that is slowly slipping down towards Antarctica or something. Second, you’re constantly being followed around by cameras — like Lindsay Lohan minus all the hotel-bought iPhone chargers.

So now this poor woman takes an honest fall because her heel got stuck in the grass and suddenly she’s got jerks like me making fun of her and her crazy country.

Can you even be head of state if you’ve ever been seen falling in public? Maybe down in Australia. Here in the United States we probably have laws against things like that.

Anyway, feel free to say your own horrible things about Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her country in the comments. She deserves it, of course. She tripped!

via Say OMG

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