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Amazing Time-Lapse Footage Of Space Shuttle Endeavour Traveling Through The Streets Of Los Angeles [VIDEO]


Space is incredible.

You can’t just go there. The only way to get there is with a spaceship. Or a giant weather balloon type thing. But mainly with a spaceship. Which, I think at least, is incredible.

Which is why it’s so amazing to see a Space Shuttle on a normal city street. It’s taking something that is literally out-of-this-world and placing it in one of the most pedestrian (almost literally) places. Space ships don’t belong riding down Crenshaw Boulevard! They belong circling the moon or some sh*t!

And people recognize that. That’s why in every shot you can see people taking the opportunity to see the Space Shuttle drive on by. It makes watching the people in this time-lapse footage even more interesting than watching Endeavour itself.

People are excited to see a spaceship on their normal city street. Either that or they’re just making sure it doesn’t clip their house and take down a wall.

via LA Times

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