‘Extremely Rare McJordan Barbeque Sauce From McDonald’s’ Sells On eBay For Extremely Ridiculous Price Of $9,950


Remember the McJordan — the limited-time regional burger sold by McDonald’s in 1992 named after Michael Jordan to promote the Chicago Bulls NBA championship run?

Neither do I. But someone obviously remembers it because yesterday a gallon of “extremely rare” McJordan barbeque sauce sold on eBay for just under $10,000.

Why would someone want a 20-year-old container of barbeque sauce? Though I know McDonald’s gets some negative publicity for the non-degradable quality of their menu items, I doubt any sauce is still palatable (or healthy for you) after 20 years. The idea of reconstructing the classic taste of a McJordan is probably out of the question.

Therefore, what we’re left with is someone who believes that this plastic container holds a true one-of-a-kind collectors item, a sauce so rare it can be appreciated without your taste buds.

Throw the family portraits off the mantle. Real collectors know the way to impress guests is to prominently display old foods in your living room. That McJordan sauce will look great next to your bag of original unflavored Doritos and can of Surge.

via ESPN

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