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Nikki Limo [See Her Tonight on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER]


Nikki Limo on How I Met Your Mother

(8 pm EST, CBS)

It seems like everyone’s getting married on How I Met Your Mother –except for the guy who’s spent all eight seasons supposedly telling us how he met his wife. The good news is that How I Met Your Mother still regularly features hot babes. Tonight’s babe has some real brains, too. Just check out the comedy stylings of Nikki Limo on YouTube, or enjoy her daring turn in the “Lez Be Friends” sketch below. She’s a gal who likes to mix social insights with a sexy presence, and tonight is Nikki’s first real big break (if you don’t count a fleeting appearance on 90210 back in 2010). Nikki also has some serious dramatic skills, and we’re sure that you’ll see her showcasing all of those talents soon enough. Let’s start, however, with admiring Nikki’s physical assets. Check out these pics that’ll get you ready to ride this Limo anytime…

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