Richard Kiel a.k.a. Jaws Weighs In On 007: Legends [INTERVIEW]

The new James Bond video game, 007 Legends, drops on Tuesday and lets just say we’re pretty pumped. We got a chance to preview a couple levels back in June and the game looked insane. Now, just days before its release, we’re impatiently waiting until we get our hands on a copy. For those that don’t know, the game takes you through six unique Bond films, all coming together into one brand new story-line.

To celebrate the game’s release, COED got to hear an inside scoop from Richard Kiel, the actor who played the iconic character Jaws in the original Moonraker film. Kiel discussed what it was like reprising his role for the game and what it feels like to be part of such a special series. Check out the full interview below, along with some photos and video footage from the sure-to-be epic 007 Legends.

How does it feel to reprise your role as Jaws in the latest Bond video game – 007 Legends?

It feels wonderful to reprise my role in 007 Legends.  This keeps Jaws current in the minds of fans, which is important to me when I go to autograph shows like I just did in Seattle and Milton Keynes, England.  Since Jaws was voted by poll to be the favorite Bond character it is important to the fans that he is kept alive.

Did you ever imagine the Jaws character would have such longevity?  Why do you think this is the case?

No, I couldn’t imagine how successful and well liked the Jaws character would become.  When Jaws survived the battle with the shark and popped out of the ocean and the theater goers applauded and screamed and yelled in glee I was extremely surprised and totally blown away by the reaction.

How does it feel to be virtually created and immortalized in a video game?

It feels great to be virtually created and immortalized in a video game that is so popular with young and old alike. I have two grandchildren that are now a little over two years old.  They adore “Poppa” and it is very gratifying that they will be able to play a game with me in it when they are all grown up and I have gone on to be in a better place.

What was it like for you when you first saw yourself in the game?

I have seen a trailer for the game featuring Jaws in the Moonraker mission.  I was happily surprised by the extremely high-quality visuals.  They weren’t almost as good as the movie but maybe even better than the movie.  Jaws is visually very well done and it is exciting for me to see him come to life and continue to survive.

Why do you think the Bond franchise is so popular and keeps fans coming back for more (movies and video games)?

I think the reason that the Bond series has survived for so long and has been so popular is that the producers of the films and the games work so hard to make the next film or game even better than all those proceeding the one they are working on.  His is not always true of sequels as many are so similar they seem to be rip-offs to the audience.

Who is your favorite Bond villain and why?

My favorite Bond villain is Goldfinger because he had a sense of humor.

What is your favorite Bond moment (preferably from one of the movies in the game – Moonraker, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Die Another Day, Licence to Kill, Goldfinger)?

I have only seen a trailer for the game and am looking forward to playing the game so I can give you an accurate and honest answer.

What’s your experience with the Bond franchise?  When was the first time you saw a Bond movie?  What was it like for you?

My experiences with Bond go all the way back to Dr. No, Goldfinger and Thunderball.  As a young man, I must say that I liked seeing all of the beautiful women in bikinis, which were quite exciting at the time as we men were used to seeing women in one-piece bathing suits or modest two-piece suits. To see Ursulla Anders in her brief bikini or Lucianna Paluzzi in hers was quite a thrill for a young man.  I was also fascinated by the gadgets and the exotic locations the movie would take us to.

What do you think of the concept to include six Bond movie missions in one video game?

I think that incorporating six exciting missions in one game is a fantastic idea as it keeps the game from becoming boring since the scenery and characters change enough to keep the game much more interesting.

So there you have it. Richard Kiel has been a Bond fan since the beginning, and loved seeing all the babes in bikinis when he was younger. The guy just went up a few notches in our book. Even though we think his role in Happy Gilmore as Mr. Larson was his best, you can’t deny his impact on the Bond series as a whole. You can see his latest rendition of Jaws in 007 Legends, out Tuesday, October 16.

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