Hannah Townsend [See Her Tonight on DEXTER]

Hannah Townsend on Dexter

(9 pm EST, Showtime)

We’re pretty sure that Dexter is trying to kill us. Not the actual good-guy serial killer in the popular Showtime series, of course. We mean the actual show. First, the producers signed up Aimee Garcia for another season as Dexter’s sexy nanny. Now they bring in the extremely hot Hannah Townsend for a quick cameo that features her in a bikini. Don’t the producers know that Hannah is heart-attack material? We’ve been huge fans of this young actress ever since she started making the scene in New York City. Hannah quickly struck us as a gal who looked like the Valerie Bertinelli that people would’ve actually expected to marry Eddie Van Halen. Of course, we kept that thought to ourselves. Otherwise, she might’ve struck us in a different way. That reminds us we first got excited over Hannah as a lethal lesbian in the weird fan-spawned project Friday the 13th: The Obsession–and we’ve included the first episode on video, along with plenty of pics that’ll make you a Hannah fantatic, too…

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