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The At-Bat Music Of Every MLB Playoff Team Broken Down By Genre


I don’t know how BuzzFeed did it, but the collection of graphs above is amazing, providing a breakdown by genre of every MLB playoff teams’ at-bat music.

Some things are immediately obvious: the Giants love their rap, the Rangers are the hardest rocking team in baseball, and the Tigers are the only team with “reggae” listed (which must leave A’s fans thinking, Can a brotha get some playoff drug testing!)

What is not immediately apparent is how we can use this information to predict this year’s World Series.

The reigning champs, the Cardinals, are the team with the largest percentage of country music. #2 in that department is Baltimore.

Does this mean we should place our bets on a Cardinals v. Orioles World Series showdown? Hell, it’s better than my previous baseball handicapping strategy… betting on the Cubs.

via BuzzFeed

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