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Study Shows Philadelphians Purchase More Sweatpants Than Any Other City (And No One Is Surprised)


Let me begin by saying I’m from Philadelphia so I have a horse in this race. That said, facts are facts, and for the second year in a row, Philadelphia tops the list of cities that purchase the most sweatpants.

CBS Philly talked to John Fetto of Experian Marketing, the company that conducted the study, and quoted him as saying:

“Among the 209 designated market areas in the United States, Philadelphia is the highest ranking when it comes to the mean number of sweats and sweat items that are purchased each year.”

Perhaps realizing he was talking to a Philadelphia news station, John then immediately tried to cover his ass like a guy who just told his girlfriend she could stand to lose some weight, backtracking with:

“There’s no shame in wearing sweats, I don’t think. I think there are probably plenty of fashionable sweat options that are out there.”

Seeing he was digging himself a deeper hole, he continued, probably while sweating profusely himself:

“Maybe people wear sweats because they’re more physically active and have more activities.”

There you go, John Fetto! You really weaseled your way out of that one!

Hey John, you do realize Philadelphia also ranks pretty high for cities with the most murders, right? Stop snitching on our sweatpants addiction.

Anyway, you can check out Experians study here to see where your city ranks.

via Barstool Sports / TIME

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