College Football 2012 Week 7 Preview: Cheerleader Edition [PHOTOS]

The approaching weekend means two things: great college football games and our awesome schedule that pits the cheerleaders of each school against each other. It’s general┬áconsensus┬áthese are pretty much the only instances that Alabama can lose, as far as CFB is concerned. Speaking of teams we thought were unbeatable, last week America learned that LSU‘s offense is pretty much dogsh*t. What do you think we’re going to learn this time around?

Don’t forget to vote for which cheerleaders you think are hotter in the polls underneath each matchup. The future of your school’s pride depends on it.


Arizona State at Colorado

(9:00 PM EST | ESPN)

[polldaddy poll=6597405]


(18) Louisville at Pittsburgh

(11:00 AM EST | ESPNU)

[polldaddy poll=6597411]

(6) Kansas State at Iowa State

(12:00 PM EST | FX)

[polldaddy poll=6597412]

(15) Texas vs (13) Oklahoma

(12:00 PM EST | ABC)

[polldaddy poll=6597417]

Syracuse at (20) Rutgers

(12:00 PM EST | Big East Network)

[polldaddy poll=6597418]

Iowa at Michigan State

(12:00 PM EST | ESPN)

[polldaddy poll=6597420]

Wisconsin at Purdue

(12:00 PM EST | Big 10 Network)

[polldaddy poll=6597423]

Auburn at Ole Miss

(12:21 PM EST | SEC Network)

[polldaddy poll=6597424]

Duke at Virginia Tech

(12:30 PM EST)

[polldaddy poll=6597427]

Utah at UCLA

(3:00 PM EST | FOX)

[polldaddy poll=6597428]

(1) Alabama at Missouri

(3:30 PM EST | CBS)

[polldaddy poll=6597430]

(5) West Virginia at Texas Tech

(3:30 PM EST | ABC)

[polldaddy poll=6597433]

(17) Stanford at (7) Notre Dame

(3:30 PM EST | NBC)

[polldaddy poll=6597436]

(10) Oregon State at BYU

(3:30 PM EST | ABC)

[polldaddy poll=6597438]

Illinois at (25) Michigan

(3:30 PM EST | ABC)

[polldaddy poll=6597442]

Boston College at (12) Florida State

(5:30 PM EST | ESPN 2)

[polldaddy poll=6597446]

(4) Florida at Vanderbilt

(6:00 PM EST | ESPN U)

[polldaddy poll=6597447]

(11) USC at Washington

(7:00 PM EST | FOX)

[polldaddy poll=6597454]

(3) South Carolina at (9) LSU

(8:00 PM EST | ESPN)

[polldaddy poll=6597457]

(8) Ohio State at Indiana

(8:00 PM EST | Big Ten Network)

[polldaddy poll=6601447]

(22) Texas A&M at (23) Louisiana Tech

(9:00 PM EST | ESPN U)

[polldaddy poll=6601449]

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