Carve A Pumpkin Keg For Halloween — Or Better Yet, Have Your Girlfriend Do It [VIDEO]

If I had to use one word to describe carving pumpkins for Halloween, I would go with “something idiots do.”

No matter how awesome or scary or whatever you make your pumpkin look, it’s still a glorified arts and crafts project done in celebration of a holiday intended for children.

Old-man-bitterness aside though, assuming you had to carve a pumpkin, carving it into a keg is about the best idea I can think of. If you’re going to put work into building something, you better to be able to drink alcohol out of it. That’s what I always say.

Now all the haters on YouTube are saying things like, “This isn’t actually a keg because it isn’t pressurized and your beer is just going to get flat and warm.” And that’s just fine to hate on the pumpkin keg; I get it. This video is from the Celebrations website. It’s not meant to be manly.

But seriously, guys, relax. The pumpkin keg is not meant for permanent beer storage. It’s a f***ing party prop. It’s meant for you and a bunch of your friends to have something to joke about while tearing through so many beers you can’t even keep the damn pumpkin full. If you’re planning on sitting down in an easy chair with the TV remote and your own private pumpkin keg, you’re missing the point.

The point is that the pumpkin keg is a perfect intersection of two things you and your girlfriend love: her love of doing pointless sh*t for no reason just because it’s a holiday and your love of drinking.

So show your girlfriend this video, have her make you a pumpkin keg and then everybody gets drunk.

Isn’t that what Halloween as adults is all about …getting drunk?

via The Daily What

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