Reasons To Turn Down No Strings Attached Sex [HE SAID / SHE SAID]

We’ve all had those nights when we go out in search for some pleasure for that night and once confronted with the girl, have some decisions to make. When your manhood is telling you yes, but your mind is having some doubts, it’d probably be a good idea to question whether you really want to do it. Here are some reasons that you’d probably turn down the one night stand:

1. The Girlfriend. For those unfaithful men (not condoning it at all), it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to come home with a random girl if you told your woman you’d be back for her tonight. If this happens to be you, you might want to think about whether you should have a girlfriend at all. Anyway….

2. The Bus Route. First off, gotta thank my boy Jay-Z for this reason’s title. If you’ve seen the broad all over countless other guys that night whether it be hooking up out in the open or the sheepish exit one after the other from the bathroom, you might want to pass.

3. Sobering Up. So after the keg stand and 15 shots, Denise was looking pretty hot. Now that you’re sobering up on the walk home, not so much. Sorry Denise, time for you to get in the cab home.

4. Classic Spew. This happens to be one of my favorites because it actually happened to my roommate. Brought this girl back to the room and just as things were getting heated, she gets sick all over our carpet. Sorry babes, not happening tonight.

5. Love. This ones for all my romantic homies. If you’re still not sure if you want to move on from the ex and you guys are still sorting your stuff out, probably not the best idea to bang some chick, might complicate things. But if you think “f*ck it, I’m on one” get after it!

6. Bro’s Before Ummm. You are out with the guys, and one of your friends is seriously wasted. You gotta take the night off for the bro and make sure he makes it home without cuffs (unless they’re furry).

7. She’s Got the Herp. She goes to the bathroom right before you guys are about to leave and her friend comes over and gives you some honest info. Can’t put the health and risk, better ditch before she’s back!

These are just some reasons, but if you love sex and women as much as I do you might face some difficulty coming up with more.


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