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JoAnna Garcia-Swisher [See Her Tonight on ANIMAL PRACTICE]


JoAnna Garcia-Swisher on Animal Practice

(8 pm EST, NBC)

We’re not sure if JoAnna Garcia-Swisher is playing the character of “Dorothy Crain” or “Dorothy Rutledge” on the new Animal Practice. The name seems to keep changing. It was easier to keep track when the actress formerly known as JoAnna Garcia officially became Mrs. Garcia-Swisher. That was when she married the New York Yankees’ Nick Swisher–and we’d already pegged her as a noteworthy girlfriend when we profiled the top WAGS of the 2009 MLB World Series. We also had a lot of respect for JoAnna as an actress, starting with her kiddie days as a young actress on the legendary horror anthology Are You Afraid of the Dark?

The talented young gal then became one of the many future stars on Freaks and Geeks, before settling into a long stint with Reba McEntire on the not-so-cool sitcom Reba.¬†JoAnna didn’t just make a transition from single gal to married woman, either. She went from blonde to redhead while growing up into hot roles on shows like Gossip Girl and Royal Pains. We know that JoAnna will brighten up Animal Practice by any name, and we’re looking forward to seeing her on the big screen in the upcoming Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson comedy The Internship.¬†Now check out this pics to see how JoAnna’s got a major-league presence to rival her hubby’s…

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