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Billy Connolly and Old Woman On Bus [CLASSIC COMEDY OF THE DAY]


Billy Connolly is one of the most famous comedians – on the entire planet. The Scottish comedian¬† is the equivalent to the international sport of football (soccer): He’s loved everywhere else in the world – but the United States. He’s mostly known for his role on the TV series, Head of the Class.¬† Though a favorite of such comedians as Robin Williams, his thick Scottish accent is one of the reasons why American recognition as eluded him.

Connolly grew up on the mean streets of Glasgow. As he tells in his biography: He went straight from the schoolyard to working on the shipyards. Connolly’s future looked grim – until he was saved by comedy. The Big Yin (his nickname from back in the day) has that classic Scottish gift of the gab for the art of storytelling.

Check out this classic clip of Connolly telling a hysterical tale about an old woman he met on a bus in Clydebank.

  • COED Writer