Hacky Jack Nicholson Impressions Up The Ying-Yang [COMEDY VIDEO]

The hackiest thing a comedian could do is a Jack Nicholson impression. The feat involves putting on some dark sunglasses, pushing your hair back, and memorizing some lines from a Jack Nicholson movie.

Many variations can be done on the theme – usually involving putting the actor into scenarios where he normally wouldn’t be found:

-Jack Nicholson at the beach

-Jack Nicholson bagging your groceries

-Jack Nicholson as a kid on a schoolyard

-Jack Nicholson as a gynecologist

You get the general formulaic juxtaposition.

I surfed the web to find the worst of the worst Jack Nicholson impersonators. Strap yourself in for a cavalcade of hacky Jack Nicholson impersonators!




Oh God!









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