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Ava Gaudet [See Her Tonight on PRIVATE PRACTICE]


Ava Gaudet guests on Private Practice

(10 pm EST, ABC)

Judging from the ratings, it looks like Private Practice will be lucky to limp all the way through its final season. That’s no great loss–especially since Ava Gaudet is just a guest star on tonight’s episode. We’re still avid to see Ava whenever we can. She first caught our eye on the New York stage, where she stayed busy on Broadway and the occasional cabaret. Ava’s been headlining open-mic nights in Los Angeles for a while, though–when she hasn’t been winning over new fans in West Coast theater. Sadly, that means Ava has kind of stayed a secret. The closest she’s come to a big break was two seasons on Ugly Betty. It’s just been occasional guest roles since then, and these pics will get you wanting more of Ava guesting in your living room…

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