Police Bust Truck With ‘Meth Lab’ Written On It For Being A Meth Lab

According to Mephis’s WMC-TV, police originally pulled over the truck seen above for “driving with antique issued license plates [that] only allow you to drive the vehicle on weekends and special occasions.” But then I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the fact that the truck had “METH LAB” scrawled on it’s windows didn’t prevent them from pulling it over.

Sure enough, cops found two “Shake N Bake” make-your-own meth bottles, as well as ingredients for making meth. Oh, and the driver was also on probation for manufacturing meth. Go figure.

There are so many things you can write on your car that are not at all suspicious. “JUST MARRIED” is one example. “CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2012” is a bit more suspicious since it’s been months since graduation, but it’s still not as bad as, say, “METH LAB.”

Even “NOT A METH LAB” would probably be a safer bet. At least then you could be like, “I have no idea how all those ingredients for meth got in this truck that is clearly marked as ‘not a meth lab.'”

It’s a lot harder to say all that meth-making equipment isn’t yours when you’re driving around in the meth lab truck. But then again, I guess people on meth aren’t reading my advice. Either that, or they’re reading it very, very closely over and over again.

via Jalopnik

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LIVE TODAY @ 3PM EST: Musical Comedy Duo Myq Kaplan and Micah Sherman [SPREECAST]
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