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Lady Gaga Joins The Puking Trend, Throws Up Live On Stage [VIDEO]


First, it was Justin Bieber puking. Now, over the weekend, Lady Gaga has been caught vomiting on stage mid-concert.

So the question arises: what’s causing our pop stars to puke during performances?

Have pop icons always been puking and we simply never had the video evidence to prove it? Are we working our singing celebrities too hard? Or is their awful music finally catching up with them and churning their stomachs?

Regardless, it seems that all the big acts are doing it, so if you want to be a professional pop act, start honing your vomiting skills now. You do not want to hear Nicki Minaj’s wrath on American Idol when she calls you out on your sub-par puking. “You call that a throw up!? How the hell do you expect to get a ticket to Hollywood with that!?”

via BuzzFeed

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