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Brewery Releasing Beer Brewed With Bull Testicles Today


What are you doing at 5pm today?

If you’re in Denver, Colorado, you can head over to the Wynkoop Brewing Company and watch them tap the inaugural keg of Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout — the first [presumably] beer brewed with real bull testicles.

It started as an April Fools joke. The “oyster stout” is a common style of stout. And “Rocky Mountain oysters” are a common regional food in Colorado that earned the name “Rocky Mountain oysters” because it’s a bit more appetizing than what the dish actually is: “deep-fried testicles.” The pun almost writes itself. And so the Wynkoop Brewing Company released an April Fools video touting, what was at the time, the fake beer as a joke/publicist stunt.

The stunt not only got them publicity, it also got them requests to actually brew the beer. So they did.

According to the brewery’s press release, this batch of Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout “included 25 pounds of bull testicles that were sliced by hand and then roasted…before being added to the beer’s mash.”

I guess it’s a long story to get to the point that you can now drink beer with balls in it. But hey, if it was a short story, is that a beer you’d want to drink?

“Try my new Teabag Beer.” “Is it brewed with actual tea bags?” “No, I just dip my balls in the beer.”

See? Longer story, better beer.

via BuzzFeed

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