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Aimee Garcia [See Her Tonight on DEXTER]


Aimee Garcia on Dexter

(9 pm EST, Showtime)

The official cliffhanger for the new season of Dexter was the good-guy serial killer getting discovered by his cop sister. The real cliffhanger was waiting to see if Aimee Garcia was going to return as Dexter’s nanny. The folks at Showtime have wisely kept Aimee in the cast–especially since, as Aimee says of her character, “she’s very comfortable in a bikini.” We’re comfortable with Aimee keeping a high profile, since she’s never quite broken through as a major star. This exotic Chicago beauty has been working steadily since 1996, but only managed one season as a regular on the George Lopez sitcom. Her big-screen roles have all fizzled, too, although that might change with a pretty decent role in next year’s Robocop remake. Until then, we’re happy to see Aimee back among the murdering in Miami. Now check out these pics that’ll make you glad to be alive…

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