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Shantel Wislawski [See Her Tonight on UP ALL NIGHT]


Shantel Wislawski on Up All Night

(8:30 pm EST, NBC)

Tonight’s episode of Up All Night is called “Swingers,” so we’re hoping for the best as the new mom played by Christina Applegate sets out to prove that she’s not boring. We’d be convinced if she’ll just end up doing some lesbian swinging with guest star Shantel Wislawski. Or maybe we’re hoping for too much there. In any case, it’s always a swinging good time when Shantel shows up in our living room. She’s had a steady string of television appearances since her debut on a soap opera back in 2007. Shantel has been working even steadier as a striking model, and that’s how she was first discovered as Justin Timberlake’s obsession in the 2003 music video for “Like I Love You.” We’ve added that clip below, but you’ll want to check out modern Shantel showing off a bod that’s sure to keep you up all day…

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