College Football 2012 Week 6 Preview: Cheerleader Edition [PHOTOS]

It’s starting to get a little chillier, but the good news is that you’ve got some college games to keep you entertained indoors. Of course the true fans will always go outside to tailgate but unfortunately not all of live within a big enough program to warrant standing outside in the freezing rain. That’s why we love these photos of college cheerleaders–it eases the pain of not getting to see them on Game Day.

In terms of big games to look forward to this week, we’re particularly excited Georgia performs at South Carolina. SEC Matchups are always worth the watch. Here are some other ones worth checking out.


(13) USC at Utah

(9:00 PM EST | ESPN)

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UConn at (22) Rutgers

(12:00 PM EST | ESPNU)

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Kansas at (7) Kansas State

(12:00 PM EST | FX)

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(24) Northwestern at Penn State

(12:00 PM EST | ESPN)

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(20) Mississippi State at Kentucky

(12:21 PM EST | SEC Network)

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Arizona at (18) Stanford

(3:00 PM EST | FOX)

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Georgia Tech at (15) Clemson

(3:30 PM EST | ESPN)

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(17) Oklahoma at Texas Tech

(3:30 PM EST | ESPN2/ABC)

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Iowa State at (15) TCU

(3:30 PM EST)

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(4) LSU at (10) Florida

(3:30 PM EST | CBS)

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(8) West Virginia at (11) Texas

(7:00 PM EST | FOX)

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(5) Georgia at (6) South Carolina

(7:00 PM EST | ESPN)

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Miami at (9) Notre Dame

(7:30 PM EST | NBC)

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(3) Florida State at NC State

(8:00 PM EST | ESPN2)

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(21) Nebraska at (12) Ohio State

(8:00 PM EST | ABC)

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(25) UCLA at Cal

(10:00 PM EST | Pac-12 Network)

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(23) Washington at (2) Oregon

(10:30 PM EST | ESPN)

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Washington State at (14) Oregon State

(10:30 PM EST | ESPN)

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College Football 2012 Week 5 Preview: Cheerleader Edition [PHOTOS]
College Football 2012 Week 5 Preview: Cheerleader Edition [PHOTOS]
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