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2012: The Year Of The Hot Tub Boat


Allow me to bore you with a story for a second.

Last month, I was in Seattle. We were doing the usual touristy thing, walking through Pike Place Market, and we ended, as many people do, at Victor Steinbrueck Park — a park who’s name I only know because I just looked on Google Maps, otherwise I simply would have referred to it as “that park all the homeless people nap in at the end of Pike Place Market.”

So we’re sitting in Victor Steinbrueck Park, looking over the Alaskan Way out into Elliot Bay, when someone remarked how beautiful it was. To which my friend replied, “It’d be even more beautiful if we were in a hot tub boat.”

Now I wasn’t disagreeing with him on that statement, but I did feel the need to ask the follow up question, “What the f**k are you talking about?”

He then regaled me with tales of what he described as one of Seattle’s hottest new attractions, the hot tub boat, which is literally what it says it is. You go to, rent one of their boats, and then you can putz around the bay in a roving tub of warm water. Whether or not you are allowed to drink alcohol in the hot tub boat was up for some discussion.

The idea of a hot tub boat left an indelible impression in my mind.

So imagine my excitement when, today, I came across the HotTug — a Dutch version of the hot tub boat. (Don’t blame me, I didn’t name it.)

Are hot tub boats the “next big thing?” Let’s hope so, because I am praying to see one come to a lake, river or ocean near me.

But even better yet, the article provided a link where you can purchase a HotTug of your very own. Right here! You can buy a hot tub boat!

I don’t know how much € 13.950 is, but I’m going to start saving my €’s right now.

See more images of the HotTug below.

via Laughing Squid

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