Trisity Cameron [See Her Tonight on THE NEIGHBORS]


Trisity Cameron guests on The Neighbors

(8:30 pm EST, ABC)

The extraterrestrial sitcom The Neighbors got off to a solid start last week, and it couldn’t have hurt to have Vanessa Violet Johnston in the cast. Now the show is bringing out more heavenly hotties to play some amazing aliens. Trisity Cameron shows up tonight as an intergalactic gal named┬áZabvronian, and she might even have a recurring role on the show. She’s certainly overdue to make some kind of big splash–although this majestic model can also always pick up some work as a stuntwoman. Trisity is a trained warrior woman with plenty of ways to kick the asses of her admirers. Fortunately, the Seattle native is also willing to show off her more feminine side. Check out these pics that’ll get you totally entranced by Trisity…

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