The Entire Movie ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’ As An Animated GIF

“I’d much rather see that movie in animated GIF form.”

It’s something that Roger Ebert has said in, bare minimum, about half of his movie reviews. And I agree with him.

Because you know what I hate about movies? The sound. The dialogue. The fact that I can turn away for 30 seconds and still know what’s going on.

In an animated GIF movie recap, I don’t have to deal with any of that crap. All I’m left with is what’s really important: framing and swastikas.

And Raiders of the Lost Ark is a perfect pick for the GIF treatment. Because we have enough nostalgia for it that we recognize all the big scenes, but it’s been so long since anyone’s actually watched the movie that we have no clue how much shit they probably left out. Like… WHERE’S GIF SEAN CONNERY!?!

Joking aside, the GIF only took about 3 minutes to play through for me, so just watch it and wonder, Who makes something like this?

via BuzzFeed

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