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NFL Upon Further Review: Week 4 [PHOTOS, VIDEOS, GIFs]


While Week Three was dominated by talk of replacement referees, we’ve got a feeling that the Jets are going to be on the tip of everyone’s tongues on this go-around. Yes, it was that hard to watch. [lead image via ESPN]

Besides a total loss of engines for the Jets, there were plenty of other things to talk about; including Jamaal Charles pulling off a Tecmo Bowl run in real life, the St. Louis Rams getting tricky, and Percy Harvin showing that he’s still pretty fast.

However, like we always do on NFL Upon Further Review, let’s start with the best/worst of the NFL’s celebrations.

It’s A Celebration, B*tches

Kind of a weak week in terms of celebrations. That being said, I think we’ve found a winner for best “disappointment” GIF.

Weapon X arrives onfield one last time. Still manages to scare fat cameramen.

Domata Peko celebrates his sack Gangham-Style

Matt Ryan politely asks the Panthers to leave their field

“Vandenswag.” That is all.

Eli performing the robot

Eli Manning’s reaction to the missed FG is one for the ages. Get ready to see this GIF quite often.

Ryan Fitzpatrick would like to remind you that he can have emotion too

Tim Tebow Completes His First Pass and Block As Jet

While Mark Sanchez didn’t exactly have his greatest game as a member of the New York Jets, back-up Tim Tebow made two rather memorable plays since he’s Tim Tebow.

On a Wildcat play in the second quarter, Tebow threw his first pass as a member of Jets as he found back-up tight end Dedrick Epps on a short pass.

However, Tim’s biggest contribution might have been on this block of last year’s NFC Defensive Rookie of The Year Aldon Smith.

Santonio Holmes Gets Eaten By Turf Monster

We’ve seen some pretty strange NFL injuries over the years but New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes got injured taken out by a turf monster after making a catch. In the fourth quarter of the Jets loss to the 49ers, Holmes caught a pass from Mark Sanchez and went down after losing his footing in the MetLife field turf.

In the process of going down, Holmes lost the ball and San Francisco’s Carlos Rogers picked up the ball for easy 51-yard fumble return for a touchdown.

Vince Wilfolk Crushes Donald Jones, Wife Approves

If you happen to be looking for the hit of the weekend, it came courtesy of New England Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork as destroys Bills wide receiver Donald Jones on this hit.

Wilfork’s wife Bianca was at the game and was pretty excited about her husband’s massive hit.

Last night’s Giants/Eagles game came down to the wire with Eli and the offense having the ball at the end of the game. They wanted to kick a FG to win the game but needed some insurance yards.

Instead of kicking a 44-yard FG, the offensive pass interference you see by Giants WR Ramses Barden took them back 10-yards.

Cue 54-yard Tynes miss.

Percy Harvin Is Fast

You know those Nike commercials, “Fast is Faster?” Well, I’m pretty sure that Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin watched one of those before taking the field against the Detroit Lions.

Harvin took the opening kickoff an incredible 105-yards for a touchdown and made it look rather easy as he ran past numerous members of the Detroit special teams.

Jamaal Charles Plays Tecmo Bowl vs. Chargers

For those of you who have played the classic football video game Tecmo Bowl before, then this touchdown run by Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles might have given you a flashback or two.

Watch as Charles appears to be all wrapped up by the San Diego Chargers defense along with his own offensive line.

However, Charles uses his game-breaking speed to bounce it out to the other side of the field and runs in for the easy score.

Tom Brady Drops F-Bomb During Replay Review

After a heartbreaking loss last week to the Baltimore Ravens, the New England dropped a 52 spot on the Buffalo Bills and it appeared that Pats quarterback Tom Brady was not too pleased with the Bills fans during one replay review.

Brady had dove in for a short-yardage touchdown but the play needed to be reviewed because Tom’s knee appeared to be down before he scored.

Locker Meet Glover

The future of the Tennessee Titans looks a little bleak as their second-year quarterback Jack Locker was knocked out of their week four game against the Houston Texans.

Houston Texans cornerback Glover Quinn was the man who knocked Locker out on this huge sack in the second quarter. Locker  re-injured his left shoulder (Locker injured it in week one against New England) and his status for next week’s game in unknown at this point:

They’re Going For The Field Goal, Oh Crap…

That thought was probably going through the mind of many Seattle Seahawks special teamers on this fake field goal that the St. Louis Rams dished out on them.

The Rams appeared to be content to cut into Seattle 7-3 lead with a short field goal late in the second quarter. However, Rams head coach Jeff Fisher called for a fake field goal where holder/punter Johnny Hekker who find Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola for a touchdown.

The fake field goal couldn’t have been run any better.

Monday Night Football: Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys

With no replacement refs to change the outcome of week four’s Cowboys/Bears game, the game will come down to one thing: Defense.

The Cowboys squeaked out a victory last week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their tandem corners of Brandon Carr/Morris Clayborne will need to shutdown Chicago’s two greatest offensive threats in wide receiver Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. If Romo and the Cowboys offense can muster at least 17 points, they should be alright

The Bears might be without starting running back Matt Forte but free agent pick-up Michael Bush should still provide the bruising rushing attack that Chicago needs to succeed. This is yet another toss-up game but expect Dallas home field advantage to help them get back into the hunt in the NFC East.

COED Prediction: Dallas Cowboys 24 Chicago Bears 18 (DeMarco Murray scores just enough points to let me lose by less than 2 as I go 0-4)

COED Writer