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Arielle Kebbel [See Her Tonight on 90210]


Arielle Kebbel guests on 90201

(8 pm EST, The CW)

It’s hard to believe that the revived 90210 is heading into its fifth year–but the producers are keeping our interest by keeping Arielle Kebbel in the cast for this new season. Her recurring role started out at Christmas last year, and her cold-blooded character has been a present that keeps giving. Of course, we’ve been giving it up for Arielle ever since her amazing turn as the spurned smart girl in the underrated 2006 teen comedy John Tucker Must Die (although we did go back to rediscover her in the previous year’s American Pie Presents Band Camp). Arielle then picked up even more fans with a recurring role on The Vampire Diaries. Some guys would tell you that she’s overdue to break out into the mainstream, but we like Arielle just fine in her trashy little small-screen roles. Still, we have to say this gallery makes a case for her big-screen beauty…  [lead image via Facebook]

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