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Dichen Lachman [See Her Tonight on THE LAST RESORT]


Dichen Lachman on The Last Resort

(8 pm EST, ABC)

The Last Resort is about a submarine crew that grabs some nukes and establishes their own little nation on an exotic island. People don’t want to just watch a show about an island full of seamen, so there are some babes on board–plus the delicious Dichen Lachman as an exotic island find. We’ve already showcased Dichen last summer as one of ourĀ Foxy New Faces of Fall TV, but here’s more hot pics to make it clear why we’d start our own island paradise by naming her our queen. The striking actress–born in Kathmandu to an Aussie dad and a Tibetan mom–first made a splash in America as a femme fatale on the she-spy series Dollhouse. That show deserved better than a quick cancelation, and we’re hoping that Dichen will be settling into a long run on this new show. If she doesn’t, then you’ll need this gallery as a first resort…

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