Chill Out With Professional Surfer Erica Hosseini As She Tells You All About Sharks and Tequila [INTERVIEW + PHOTOS]

When we learned of the chance to get surfing lessons from Erica Hosseini (member of the Jose Cuervo family and one of the sports’ hottest professionals) we jumped right in. While we can’t really explain to you how awesome it was to hang with the coolest girl on the beach, we can relay to you some of the stuff we asked her.

Unsurprisingly chill and reassuringly frank, Erica told us all about her fears of sharks, her love of Taco Tuesdays, and how you should drink Jose Especial Silver.

The Olympics just finished last month in London. Would you like to see surfing included as an Olympic sport and if so, what would be the logistics of that? Clearly London would not be the best place to do that…

There’s a lot of controversy, I think that surfing isn’t an Olympic sport yet. Obviously it has to do with certain countries not having an ocean accessible and it’s not like, you know roller hockey or ice skating or just something that you can perform at. I think that they were trying to incorporate it and do it in a wave pool. Then it’s just a matter of each country having the necessities to provide a wave pool to practice. I know Malaysia and South Africa have like this ‘standing wave’ aspect to it but I don’t think it’s gonna be awhile before we see surfing become an Olympic sport.

But it is a possibility and [with wave pools] you have full control of the waves so it’s no longer in Mother Nature’s hands, which will be way better for spectators to watch ’cause you won’t sit and wait.

If you weren’t a pro surfer what other career paths would you like to consider?

I get this question a lot and honestly I’ve just been doing this my whole life that I haven’t even given it a second thought. But I am such a techie and such a geek–I love my electronics. I love my Apple products and I always have the latest and greatest.

I live a healthy lifestyle and um, I like being outdoors/very active but I think that it would include some web design. I wouldn’t want to be trapped in an office but I designed my own website and is my blog and you can check out, you know just all the shenanigans i get into, photo shoots, traveling, QS, surfing contests all that stuff.

What advice do you have for newbie SoCal transplants such as myself who want to learn how to surf but don’t want to show up at the wrong beach and get beat up by the locals?

The best way to get started I’d say is just walk into your local surf shop and ask questions. Don’t try to be all bro’d out and think you’re high and mighty and show up at like, the best, gnarliest wave around and go get your butt kicked, get screamed at by the locals ’cause you don’t belong out there. You will get in the way and then you start to aggravate the other surfers that are at a higher level than you.

So um, yeah I would just say go to your local surf shop, find out what the swells are doing, where the best small beach is, where to go and most of the time they’re not going to point you in the wrong direction. They wanna help you.

I noticed that you model and you’ve mentioned that you’d like to get into acting. Who are your favorite actors and why?

Ooh favorite actors, that’s a good one. I really like Leonardo DiCaprio. I think he always chooses good movies. I think he’s a very good actor and you know, box office hitter but just a realm of, I don’t know whatever that’s called, I don’t know my acting lingo but um, I’m pretty easily entertained. As long as I’m entertained then I’m good pretty much with anything.

I don’t really have any favorite actors. I gotta think about that one a little bit more. I don’t know… Blake Lively. I like her. I saw Savages and I thought she did a good job in that. I like Mila Kunis…

Do you ever have nightmares about sharks?

You know what, I did. I don’t anymore. I think it’s more something like if it’s in my day-to-day I can’t think about it ’cause I surf everyday. So if I’m watching Shark Week, I don’t watch Shark Week. Basically I can’t do it. Like I physically can’t. It’s entertaining, and I wanna see it, but then when I go surfing that’s all I can think about. I visualize the shark that I just saw on TV and I’m like, “Oh my god, that was insane!” Why torture myself?

I surf really early sometimes. Like, I’m the only person surfing and it’s foggy or it’s erie. Granted, it’s Newport and there’s nooo sharks in Newport but the second the inkling gets in your brain… You know? Mind tricks. It’s just like your mind plays games on you all day long. All of a sudden, you hear a fish or a bubble or a dolphin and you’re like “Shark! I’m outta here!” So I try just to not think about it ever.

Then if I go to a sharky location I try not to think about it even more because the second you psyche yourself out, the odds are against you.

What is the sickest wave you ever rode?

Probably I would have to go with it’s a wave called Uluwatu. It’s in Bali in Indonesia and it is just… I’m a goofy foot surfer, so I obviously love lefts and favor my forehand and it is just a really perfect left. I went there on a family trip. I’ve been there a few times but the one time that I’m thinking of was on a family trip and we just kind of walked up and it was just picture perfect, not too crowded and just a day of fun surf. You’ll do research and just be like, oh my gosh.

You have a ripping body and obviously you spend a lot time in the water but besides that, what does your diet and exercise routine consist of?

Thank you. Yeah obviously I live a healthy lifestyle. I try to eat as well as possible.

Obviously, my job is alot of R&R so I still like to go out and enjoy margaritas like Jose Cuervo. I still try to keep it on the skinny side, like light, authentic. They have this new Wildberry one so we go out and enjoy those every once in a while, but I try to incorporate wheatgrass shots and juices.

I do a lot of crossfit training (probably 3-4 days a week) as far as just like squats and lunges and a lot of  self-body weight. Then just running and yoga. I don’t wanna get all muscley but just keep fit and toned in combination with surfing.

I don’t sit still. I like to keep active. If there’s no surf I’m like, “let’s play tennis” or go walk my dog. I’m just always out and about trying to do something at least.

What kind of dog do you have? I have a family golden retriever which is the one that like goes for the runs and walks. Just two weeks ago I a little baby French Bulldog. She is just the cutest. What is her name? Froyo. I have a little frozen yogurt problem, no?

You are crazy busy with all of the training, travel, competition, modeling etc. How do you like to relax?

Obviously my day is very active and very busy surfing. Coming in, I’ll try to fit in a workout or accommodate my sponsors with a photo shoot or what not. I’m not a big bar crawler kind of person but I love to throw Taco Tuesday nights at my house or host movie/game nights and just bust out.

Being part of the Cuervo family I have unlimited amount of Cuervo in the cupboard so we do a lot of cocktails. The Especial Silver, chilled is the big hit lately. Literally, like no one started drinking it and I’m like no, no, no you have to try it. It’s just the Especial Silver chilled and it’s like the go-to drink. Best drink ever. You have to have it chilled though. Have to have it chilled, otherwise it ruins it. But yeah, all their light, Wildberry, authentic drinks are just, anything light. You gotta keep the girls happy, you know?

What is on you iPod right now?

I am so, so music illiterate that it’s like not even funny. I’m not music illiterate (that’s a bad thing) but as far as taste goes I’m such a Top 40 sucker. I’m just brainwashed by the radio; my sister always makes fun of me. She’s like “You gotta stop listening to the radio. You need your own taste in music. Stop letting the radio choose your songs.”

So I definitely like Rihanna, Taylor Swift just like, just the full, typical Top 40, Maroon 5, Cee Lo Green. I’m the radio fan Top 40 on iTunes girl.

One last question. Romney or Obama?

Hmm, Obama. Yeah, I know. I have to get more into the zone for that question but, yeah. Obama.

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