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Bacon Shortage ‘Internet Hoax’ Proves People Actually Do Lie on the Internet


Men (and women) of the world can breathe in a deep fried sigh of relief because that whole bacon shortage thing was just an ‘internet hoax.’

Everyone needs to keep in mind that the whole thing was a British ‘finding.’ The Brits have funny words for things and the word “bacon” really refers to what we call Canadian bacon.

Furthermore, prices of bacon will increase slightly but there won’t actually a be a shortage of anything.

[A bacon price] increase will, of course, be unpleasant for households used to buying as much cheap bacon as their hearts desire, but there shouldn’t be any actual shortages precisely because prices will rise. Shortages arise when price controls lead to a situation in which consumers want to buy more of something than actually exists, which can lead to government rationing. In our economy there will still be plenty of bacon on the shelves, just priced high enough to deter some people from eating as much of it as usual.

The story only went viral because of a misleading press release title.

I don’t know which emotion is more powerful–my relief that the bacon shortage was just a hoax or my disappointment that people actually twist words around on the internet.

via Fark / Slate

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