40 Sexiest Women of Fall TV: 2012 [PHOTOS]


The arrival of fall means that two things are back from summer break: students and the hottest shows on network television. This year looks to be no different as we see a healthy balance between returning and brand-new series.

Unfortunately for you, it’s impossible to watch every show–which is why you need some guidelines to sort out what to watch and what to skip.¬†We’ve got a funny feeling that eye-candy is going to play a pretty major role in your decision-making.

So in an attempt to help you sift through all the ‘boob toob’ that’s coming your way, we’ve ranked the 40 Sexiest Women of Fall TV for you in the gallery below.

Feel free to let us know if you disagree with the list. Obviously your opinion would be wrong, but you can let the world about that at the bottom of the post.

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