When Is Hanging Out With Your Significant Other Too Much? [HE SAID/SHE SAID]

Having a new girlfriend is exciting — aside from sex when you want it, you also get to have someone “care” about you. Since things are new, you tend to spend every moment together or texting each other, but a prolonged “honeymoon period” could cause your relationship to take a nosedive when you realize it’s over. [Couple in love image via Shutterstock]

Alone time is definitely necessary (not just for your porn fix) for a healthy relationship and the key to this is striking the right balance. I’d say that totally, you’d need to have at least 2 full days of alone time to be able to do what you need. Of course, this isn’t a hard and fast rule and the busier the individuals are the more time apart will be needed. And then when you do see each other, having some cool date nights will also help keep your relationship valued by the both of you.

One issue with alone time is the question of how exactly to ask for it. If and when you feel like things are getting to be too much and that you’d want to bring the issue up, I’d say the best way is to pick a time when you and your significant other aren’t too busy and casually tell her that you want to talk about some things. If you want, you could even use the dreaded phrase, “We need to talk,” because she’ll be expecting the worst and when you actually bring it up it won’t seem as big of a deal. Yes, mind games. If you’re in a somewhat respectable relationship, your S.O. won’t just start freaking out and will be able to handle things like a mature adult just as you should for her if she brings it up to you. Once you hash out your concerns and both come to a conclusion that you can work with, I’d suggest giving her a good sex session so she knows that things are still going strong.

Don’t be a p*ssy, don’t get intimidated and show her you’re a young stud in the sack, but a mature gentleman in the head.


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