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Finding Out Monica Lewinsky Probably ‘Stimulated’ Bill Clinton’s ‘Anus’ ‘Orally’ Was Worth The 15 Year Wait


See all the black in the image above? For those of you who aren’t lawyers or scientists or whatever, that’s called “redacted” text. In layman’s parlance, that’s the part of Monica Lewinsky’s sworn deposition where she allegedly admitted to licking our 42nd President’s ass.

According to The Smoking Gun (possibly the foremost authority on presidential salad tossing):

“At one point [in the transcript of Lewinsky’s August 1998 sworn deposition], the ex-intern was asked, ‘On that date did you gratify [Clinton] in some way other than performing oral sex?’ While Lewinsky’s answer to that question–‘Yes’–was included in the transcript, six follow-up questions (and Lewinsky’s answers) were excised from the transcript.

“However, Lewinsky’s description of how she gratified Clinton can be gleaned from the transcript’s unredacted digest, which includes an alphabetized list of all key words that appear in the Lewinsky deposition….

“After Lewinsky acknowledged the other-than-oral-sex gratification, she was asked a question (page 20, line 3) that included the words ‘anus,’ ‘mouth,’ ‘orally,’ and ‘stimulate.’ A follow-up question (page 20, line 12) included the words ‘anus’ and ‘orally.'”

The moral of the story is that politics is dirty. Hopefully, for Monica Lewinsky’s sake, more dirty than a president’s anus.

Boom. Political comedy.

via The Smoking Gun / Barstool Sports

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