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Keenyah Hill [See Her Tonight on NEW GIRL]


Keenyah Hill guests on New Girl

(9 pm EST, FOX)

It’s a good thing that we’re so sure that New Girl is a really hip television show. Otherwise, we’d think the show was desperate by bringing in Keenyah Hill as a guest star to start the new season. Instead, now we’re thinking that Keenyah must be more hip than we thought. We knew she was sexy, of course, but Keenyah didn’t really have much hipster cred coming off her 2005 stint as a contestant on American’s Next Top Model. The striking gal has really kept kind of a low profile–which is why it’s so nice to see Keenyah scoring a flashy turn on New Girl. Maybe it’s the start of a comeback, although these pics will convince you that Keenyah’s always been overdue to get the star treatment…  [image via facebook] 

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