College Football 2012 Week 4: Cheerleader Recap

Do cheerleaders really affect the outcome of college football games? Only one way to find out: look at the results of this past week’s College Football Cheerleader Showdown and see how the top voted cheerleaders’ teams did on the field.

First the bad news: the winning cheerleaders were rooting on some pretty lousy football teams this week with the winning cheerleaders’ teams going a mere 9 – 10 in the actual games.

The biggest embarrassment belonged to Florida Atlantic whose women crushed the Alabama Crimson Tide by 55%, but whose team went on to get crushed 40 – 7 on the playing field.

Here’s the good news for schools with the cutest coeds though: cheerleading squads who won their vote by at least 57% all went undefeated, a whopping 4 – 0.

So what have we learned? If you want to guarantee a victory, simply having hot cheerleaders won’t cut it. You have to have a SUPER good-looking group.

At least that’s what we’ve learned this week. We’ll see what we find with next week’s recap. Or if you hate numbers, do a recap of your own and just dig through the giant galleries in last Thursday’s post.

College Football 2012 Week 4 Preview: Cheerleader Edition [PHOTOS]
College Football 2012 Week 4 Preview: Cheerleader Edition [PHOTOS]
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