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Annet Mahendru [See Her Tonight on MIKE & MOLLY]


Annet Mahendru soars on Mike & Molly

(9:30 pm EST, CBS)

It’s a new season of Mike &  Molly–and, yeah, we probably won’t be getting too excited about that in the future. Tonight’s episode, however, sneaks in the amazing Annet Mahendru as a flight attendant. That’s enough to get us booking some time on the sitcom. This exotic beauty was born in Afghanistan, and traveled the world before landing in New York City at the age of 13. That got Annet started as a self-described all-American gal who just happens to perform the Indian classical dance of Bharatanatyam when she isn’t kicking ass in karate. Annet has stayed busy since making the move to Los Angeles in 2009, including the inevitable role as a hot gal on an episode of Entourage. We also caught her on an episode of Two Broke Girls, and it seems that casting agents are starting to realize that Annet is always reliable in quirky comedic cameos. Now check out these pics to see why Annet is also reliable as a sultry model with a wide range of sexy looks…

  [image via facebook]

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