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Laura Cayouette [See Her Tonight on TREME]


Laura Cayouette steams up Treme

(10 pm EST, HBO)

As if life isn’t hard enough for the  New Orleans denizens on HBO’s Treme, now the show has to debut its third season up against the Emmys. Fortunately, HBO has given Treme a secret weapon with Laura Cayouette finally showing up on the show. People in the know will tell you that Laura is one of the most luscious actresses to ever adopt New Orleans as her home–and film fans will tell you that Laura is one of trash cinema’s most underrated babes. It took a while for Laura to take off, though. She had a decent enough stint as an actress, but Laura lunged out at film fans when she showed up as a hot stripper named Rocket in Kill Bill, Part 2. She must have gotten along with co-star Larry Bishop, too, since Laura then showed up as an amazing older babe in Bishop’s retro biker epic Hell Ride. We caught her small role in the New Orleans-filmed Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, but Laura will probably have better luck when she gets back with Quentin Tarantino as Leonard DiCaprio’s sister in Django Unchained. Until then, we’re happy to see Laura finally gracing Treme–and check out these pics to see Laura showing off some graceful beauty…   [image via barstoolsports] 

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