Kate Upton Comes Back From Vacay With Cleavage, Babies And Sheep [VIDEO + PHOTOS]


The good news is that Kate Upton is back! The bad news is that she’s brought some babies. And sheep.

While it was an admittedly long and strange 25 days for us here at COED with no Kate Upton news, we have to understand that the blonde supermodel probably needed some rest. After all, she did unleash a slew of awesomeness upon mankind this summer (GQ, Vogue Spain, The Sunday Times, Skull Candy, etc.).

So while we’re glad that she’s back from her admittedly-short summer break, maybe next time she should remember to leave the kids and sheep at home. It’s kind of hard to enjoy her cleavage in this CR Fashion Book when there are naked babies everywhere.

If I wanted farm animals and children, I’d head to 4chan.

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Director of Sales and Marketing
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