Trigger Happy TV Redux: Annoying Cell Phone Guy

Remember the British hidden camera show, Trigger Happy TV? The prank program centered on the exploits of one Dom Joly – a man who created very uncomfortable situations around London. An American version of the show was also produced –  featuring an ensemble cast –  but it was complete rubbish. The premise was so much funnier when it was simply Dom Joly versus the world.

One of the funniest gags on Trigger Happy TV was the character: Annoying Cell Phone Guy;  Joly goes into very quiet public places, (usually where there’s a posted sign that said, “No Cell Phones”) and has his loud  ring-tone go off. He then pulls out a giant-sized phone and proceeds to scream into it. The gag is basically the same each time – but always hilarious because you know exactly what’s coming.

Let’s take a peak and listen to the very best of Annoying Cell Phone Guy. A crisp $20 bill to anyone who can name the type of ring tone that Dom Joly used! (Note: Crisp $20 bills are subject to availability.)

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