Comedy Tech: Yo Mama Extreme Lite iPhone App in a Scottish Pub

Have you ever found yourself caught up in a game of The Dozens and searching for that perfect “Yo mama” joke?

In the pre-smart phone days, all you had to rely on was your noggin. But, thanks to the US Military and their invention of the Internet, that chore is no longer up to you. The next time that you’re¬†caught up in a street corner in the middle of a heated match of Dozens, all that you have to do is pull out your iPhone and consult the “Yo Mama Extreme Lite” iPhone app.

With a quick shake of the wrist, you’ll soon be belting out such cringe-worthy “yo’ mama ism’s” as:

“Yo mama so poor when I sat on her trash can she yelled at me saying “GET OFF MY ROOF!”

Man – that is POOR – as in below the US poverty level!

I decided to give Yo Mama Extreme Lite a test drive at my local pub. (AUTHOR’S NOTE: I live in Scotland.) What follows is my astute findings. (AUTHOR’S NOTES: All the “yo’ mama-isms” given in this article are actual “yo’ mama-isms” dispensed by the “Yo Mama Extreme Lite” iPhone app, available for free on iTunes.]

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