Russian Highway Extortionists Get A** Beat By Truckers [VIDEO]

It’s been far too long since we’ve shown you a crazy Russian video, but I can say that the wait has been well worth it. This is a scene recorded by a Russian trucker’s dashboard camera. It was a little hard to understand at first what was going on, so I had to check the comments to see the full story because I unfortunately don’t speak Russian.

Apparently, the trucker whose camera is on busted a tire and tried to have it fixed. The car you see at 0:45 are the extortionists, demanding that he give them money. The trucker says no and radios to his fellow truckers to come help him out. At 1:45 you can see the extortionists try to leave the scene. Truckers then box them in, which is when sh*t then gets real.

Gotta love the scene when the crooks stand up after getting their a** beat, only to turn and see that their car has just been flipped and trashed. No other real option there except for run into the woods.

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